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Respiratory Therapist Salary New York

The average respiratory therapist salary New York is $65,310 per year and $31.40 per hour, which is very good compared to the United States average. There are 5,900 respiratory therapists employed in the state of New York, making it the fourth highest employer of respiratory therapists in the entire country, after California, Texas, and Florida. However, New York is a lower than average employer than other states per person, with 0.70 jobs per thousand people living in the state.

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A Respiratory Therapist in New York treating an infant

The Poughkeepsie/Newburgh/Middletown area is the highest paying region in New York, at $71,460 annually, or $34.36 hourly. In second is the New York City (NYC)/White Plains/Wayne area with a $69,730 annual wage ($33.53/hour). After this is the Nassau/Suffolk region which pays an annual wage of $69,450 and an hourly wage of $33.39. On the other hand, the Southwest, Northern, and Rochester areas are the lowest paying in the state. The following chart lists the highest respiratory therapist salary in NY:

Respiratory Therapist Salary in New York by Area

AreaAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Wage
Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown, NY$34.36$71,460
New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY$33.53$69,730
Nassau-Suffolk, NY$33.39$69,450
Kingston, NY$32.58$67,760
Central New York Non-metropolitan Area$27.05$56,270
Utica-Rome, NY$26.66$55,460
Syracuse, NY$25.87$53,810
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY$25.84$53,750
Rochester, NY $25.48$53,000
Capital/Northern New York Non-metropolitan Area$25.20$52,410
Southwest New York Non-metropolitan Area$23.87$49,650
Top paying areas in New York for respiratory therapists

If you’re looking to work in a city offering the highest salaries in New York, you’ll do well in the cities of Brooklyn, Long Island, New York City (NYC), Queens, Westchester, and White Plains, NY – in that order. All of which pay an annual wage of $74,706. Not bad, right? If you don’t plan to move, check out the following chart to see the average respiratory therapist salary in the city you’re currently living in.

Respiratory Therapist Salary in New York by City

AreaAverage Salary
Binghamton, NY$61,296
Brooklyn, NY$74,706
Buffalo, NY$54,070
Burlington, NY$66,379
Congers, NY$66,379
Elmira, NY$59,630
Glens Falls, NY$56,519
Hauppauge, NY$69,241
Ithaca, NY$59,416
Jamestown, NY$51,367
Long Island, NY$74,706
Manhattan, NY$66,379
Melville, NY$69,241
Nassau, NY$66,379
New York, NY$74,706
Newburgh, NY$74,221
Plattsburgh, NY$51,920
Poughkeepsie, NY$74,221
Queens, NY$74,706
Rome, NY$51,886
Ronkonkoma, NY$69,241
Schenectady, NY$58,034
Syracuse, NY$55,490
Utica, NY$51,886
Westchester, NY$74,706
White Plains, NY$74,706
Yaphank, NY$66,379
Respiratory therapist wages in New York cities

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